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October 2021
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Megavet signs exclusive distribution agreement with Perstorp for the UAE and Oman

Megavet is pleased to announce its new distribution partnership with Perstorp. The company will be responsible for marketing, distribution and sales of Perstorp’s range of animal nutrition solutions for gut health and water treatment in the UAE and Oman.
The available portfolio includes ProPhorce™ SR 130, the original tributyrin solution to support gut health that is a safe, easy to handle and cost-efficient as well as Perstorp’s solutions designed specifically for optimal water treatment.

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Heiko M. Stutzinger has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Member of the Executive Board of international venue and event organizer Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs|VNU Group, as of December 1, 2021.

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Poultry Marketing Round Table- 2021- Register Now!

PMRTThe Poultry Marketing Roundtable (PMRT), established in 2019, it aims to put together theoretical academics, successful technicians, poultry producers, governors, and end consumers around ONE SINGLE TABLE.

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Feed contamination in our Region

GhassanEdited01Numbers and data are overly done in relation to global feed prices, they go up and down all the time. Sometimes we are optimistic about the positive side, and sometimes we hear the sound of the alarm threatening the animal production industry in general and the poultry production field in particular.
Feed is an essential component of production and it costs the breeder two-thirds of the production costs and plays a key role in productivity and in the profitability of the breeder. Its prices are linked to supply, demand and global logistics. The breeder cannot control the logistics, but he can control the quality of the feed and limit its contamination so that it does not lead to the spread of germs and mycotoxins.

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Feelings Are the Basis of Everything

GhassanEdited01While surfing some websites on the Internet, a video clip caught my eye showing a helicopter carrying a cow, elegantly attached to it with carefully knotted ropes. Within moments, a second helicopter...and a third...up until they transported several cows; each one separately.
It was a strange and exciting sight for me, I, who from childhood used to see a rope tied around the neck of the cows, tightened by the hand of the breeder when necessary... hitting the cows sometimes so that they walk.

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