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VIV Qingdao is the leading international trade show for pig, poultry, dairy & aquaculture industries in China. Since 2000, the exhibition is well known for its key role in fostering international business between China and the global feed to food industry as well as providing a premium platform in the Chinese market for worldwide innovations and technologies.

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GI OVO B.V. from the Netherlands opens a new branch in Brazil

GI-OVO B.V., a subsidiary of Giordano Holding from Italy, has founded GI OVO do Brasil LTDA since September 1. Where the Dutch company GI OVO B.V. is the majority shareholder of the new company, ARTABAS ARTIFACTS OF WIRE BASTOS LTDA, a subsidiary of the Italian company FACCO, also participates as a minority shareholder in GI OVO do Brasil.

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Lallemand Animal Nutrition extends its bacteria production capacity with energy efficient equipment Increases energy efficiency by 20%

To meet increasing market demand for live bacteria used in probiotics and silage inoculant applications, Lallemand Animal Nutrition completed the extension of its U.K.-based bacteria production facility. The new facility offers a 150% increase fermentation capacity and doubles the packaging capacity. In addition, it enables more sustainable production by reducing the company’s energy bill.

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Vencomatic UK is now a part of the Vencomatic Group

The Vencomatic Group announces the acquisition of the Vencomatic UK distributor. With Dr. Leon Furlong retiring from Vencomatic UK, Vencomatic Group has made the UK distributor part of the global group. This means the group is one step closer to their customers, being able to listen closer and further develop their state-of-the-art poultry solutions within the UK market.

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Optimum hatching at high altitude

Would you like to learn more about the specific strategies that Pas Reform Academy recommends regarding optimum hatching at high altitude? Now you can!

We invite you to join us on Thursday, June 23 for our latest Hatchery Talks® webinar, hosted by Senior Poultry Specialist, Gerd de Lange.

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