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W.A.A.S Introduces the ‘NEED’ for Paradigm Shift in 2020

Idowu Asenuga is the convener of West Africa Agribusiness Show scheduled to hold in Lagos in February 2020, lists reasons a paradigm shift in West Africa agribusiness has become imperative.

CAN you share with us the crux of the forthcoming agriculture event you are coordinating?

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New production facility for Marel in Dongen, NL

On 20 November 2019, Marel officially opened its completely new production center in Dongen, the Netherlands. All production and office activities now take place in the state-of-the-art building at the Tichelrijt II business park.

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Role of the hatchery in Antibiotic Free (ABF) production

In the hatchery itself there is never a direct reason to apply antibiotics, as the chicks do not stay here for any length of time. If antibiotics are applied (in-ovo or by injection after hatch) this is done preventively to avoid disease problems or for potential benefits at the farm where the day-old-chicks will be delivered. Furthermore, on the farm itself antibiotics can be administered by feed or drinking water as a preventive measure or as a growth promotor.

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Poultry industry bound for data-driven processing

Marel's Poultry ShowHow demonstrates the future

Marel’s third Poultry ShowHow in Copenhagen on 14 November 2019 put the focus on ‘Data-driven Xceleration’, representing the future of digitally controlled poultry processing. The biennial event attracted more than 120 customers from around the world.

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6th International Agricultural Dairy Forum over

The 6th International Agricultural Dairy Forum, a key event of the Russian dairy industry, has come to an end. Over the two days, the event was attended by more than 3,000 visitors from 33 countries; among them were 1,000 producers of dairy products, over 100 media representatives, and several dozens of exhibitors. In the margins of the Forum, the Action Plan for cooperation between the Moscow region and the Republic of Belarus was signed; a new enterprise of the OSP Agro agricultural holding company able to house 1,199 cows was opened, and 11 agreements worth approximately 11.5 billion rubles were concluded.

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Aviagen Launches David Butler Award to Recognize Promising EMEAA School Students

Aviagen® has launched the David Butler Award to recognize the most promising students of the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia (EMEAA) Schools. The first recipient will be honored at the Broiler Module of the EMEAA School, which takes place Nov. 24-30 in Edinburgh, and a new winner will be chosen for each future module.
The star student will have shown the best progress during the course of the School, and will demonstrate outstanding skills of leadership, team work, communication, innovation, determination and passion.

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Survey Reveals Crucial Data on Fusarium Head Blight

 National U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) survey, published recently in Plant Disease, provides the first large-scale, systematic insight into how wheat and barley growers manage Fusarium head blight (FHB), also known as scab, and where they get information on how to control this destructive disease.

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TIBA Poultry Association 3rd Meeting.

TIBA Poultry Association 3rd meeting is sponsored by Al Effat trading and Jamesway.


It is held from November 30 till December 4/2019 in Luxor Egypt.



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The dairy market in the MENA region Presentation video

MEAP's General Manager Mr. Ghassan Sayegh Presentation during the 6th International Dairy Forum organised by the Government of Moscow Region in the House of the Government.

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Innospexion participates in IPPE 2020

At the beginning of next year we will be participating at IPPE 2020. This material is also the preamble to a TechTalk we will hold on the same topic, Wednesday, January 29th at 1:10.00 PM in Hall B-B8648.

The white paper does NOT have a marketing and promotional construction, and it talks from a scientific perspective about poultry bone composition and how this affects the bones ability to be detected by an X-ray system(.. Any X-ray system, not specifically ours). 

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A presentation about the dairy market in the MENA region

MEAP's General Manager Mr. Ghassan Sayegh is currently giving a presentation about the dairy market in the Middle East and North Africa region.
The main points of the presentations are:
-The export-import policies and capability between Russia and the MENA region
-The regulations and logistics
-The competition that the Russians will face in the MENA market.

Open more item to see the presentation video

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The heaviest rabbit in the world is Italian

The heaviest rabbit in the world is Glosue, born in Italy on 24/06/2015. 

This rabbit weighs 26.6 kilograms and it is owned by Gioni Di Lullo of Raviscanina street Claudio Canino n 2181017 raviscanina Caserta Italy as verified on 30/05/2019 






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6th International Agricultural Dairy Forum

Ghassan Sayegh, General Manager of MEAP is invited to be a keynote speaker of honor during the plenary session of the 6th International Agricultural Dairy Forum.

The discussion will concentrate on the possible scenarios of the economic collaboration between Russia and the Arab world.



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The 6th International Agricultural Dairy Forum

On November 26−27, 2019 the House of Moscow Region Government will host the 6th International Agricultural Dairy Forum organized by the Moscow Region Government with the support of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.

The Forum is held to identify solutions to the problems of the industry, as well as to present investment projects in the Moscow Region and develop the region’s international ties.


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Cobb Europe Partners With Al-Watania Poultry in Egypt to Host ‘Safe Environment for Safe Food’ Training

Cobb Europe partnered with Al-Watania Poultry in Egypt to host the pair’s annual scientific conference focusing on the importance of creating a safe environment for broiler breeders. Held in Ain Sokhna, Egypt, the two-day intensive training course combined the technical expertise of Cobb Europe and Al-Watania Poultry leadership to reach industry leaders from over 50 companies and major industry investors.

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