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Management guidelines updated to reflect latest best practices

The pocket-sized booklets, 'Management Guidelines for Breeding Turkeys' and‘Management Guidelines for Commercial Turkeys’, have been updated to reflect the latest in industry best practices.

The aim of these booklets is to help Aviagen Turkeys’ customers achieve optimum performance from their birds. The manuals include data from research trials, published scientific reports, as well as the expertise and practical skills of the Aviagen Turkeys Customer Support Team. The publications cover general flock husbandry, feeding, lighting and ventilation, as well as biosecurity and other related topics.

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للمساعدة في إنقاذ النّعام النّادر في شمال إفريقيا Sahara Conservation Fund مع NatureFormتتشارك


تتشارك NatureForm مع Sahara Conservation Fund للمساعدة في إنقاذ النّعام النادر في شمال إفريقيا


دخلت NatureForm في شراكة مع (Sahara Conservation Fund (SCF- وهي منظمة دولية غير ربحية، مكرّسة للحفاظ على الحياة البرية في الصحراء - للمساعدة في إنقاذ

النّعامة الحمراء المهدّدة بشمال إفريقيا.باستثناء عدد موجود في السّافانا الصغيرة، فقد اختفى النّعام ذو الرقبة الحمراء في شمال إفريقيا تمامًا من مجموعته الساحليّة . تدعم

NatureForm جهود SCF لإستعادة هذا النّوع المتميز، الأقل شهرة من النعام من خلال مشروع استعادة النّعام في شمال إفريقيا.

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Kemin to Showcase Immune-modulation Benefits of Aleta™ at IHSIG 6th Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health

Unique beta glucan ingredient helps control the effects of stress, disease and vaccination.

Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer focused on improving the quality of life for more than half the world’s population, will showcase its new Aleta beta glucan (β-glucan) at the Intestinal Health Scientific Interest Group’s (IHSIG) 6th Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health in Rome from April 3 – 5, 2019.

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"المهندسين الزراعيين" تطلق فعاليات معرضها الدولي " معرض بترا للثروة الحيوانية 2019

عمان – قال رئيس مجلس النقباء نقيب المهندسين الزراعيين، المهندس عبدالهادي الفلاحات، إن الأوضاع الاقتصادية التي يمر بها الأردن والوطن العربي تستدعي من الجميع تكاتف الجهود للخروج من هذه الاوضاع من خلال افكار ابداعية وتعاون من كافة القطاعات.

جاء ذلك، خلال مؤتمر صحافي عقدته النقابة و الجمعية العربية لعلوم الثروة الحيوانية اليوم السبت للإعلان عن فعاليات معرض بترا للثروة الحيوانية، والذي سيقام في الفترة ما بين 16-18 الشهر المقبل في معرض عمّان الدولي للسيارات ، تحت رعاية رئيس الوزراء الدكتور عمر الرزاز بحضور نائب نقيب المهندسين الزراعيين رئيس اللجنة التحضيرية للمؤتمر المهندس نهاد العليمي و أمين سر مجلس النقابة المهندس محمد طوالبة والمهندس حسين مناع رئيس الجمعية العربية لعلوم الثروة الحيوانية في اتحاد المهندسين العرب، ورئيس شعبة الانتاج الحيواني المهندس احمد الشعيبي.

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Breeder Management Seminars Help Set Customers up for Success

Cobb-Vantress, Inc. / Siloam Springs, Arkansas, USA: Two full days of seminars this month offered Cobb Europe customers the information to help them further maximize performance at their breeder farms.
The biennial Middle East poultry seminar was held in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand. Coupled with the VIV Asia trade show, held directly after and also in Bangkok, customers received advice about breeder management, health and nutrition. Read more ...

Perstorp appoints new Vice President Animal Nutrition for the EMEA region

Leading specialty chemicals company Perstorp has appointed Mauricio Varvella as Vice President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), responsible for the Animal Nutrition Business Area. Varvella joined Perstorp on March 18 and reports directly to Perstorp Animal Nutrition Executive Vice President Roger Mann.



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Breeder Management Seminars Help Set Customers Up for Success

Two full days of seminars this month offered Cobb Europe customers the information to help them further maximize performance at their breeder farms.


The biennial Middle East poultry seminar was held in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand. Coupled with the VIV Asia trade show, held directly after and also in Bangkok, customers received advice about breeder management, health and nutrition.

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بالوثيقة.. جمعية رعاية منتجي الدواجن توجه رسالة الى عبد المهدي

السومرية نيوز/ بغداد
وجهت الجمعية العراقية لرعاية منتجي الدواجن، السبت، رسالة الى رئيس الوزراء عادل عبد المهدي، فيما طالبته بحماية المنتج المحلي.

وقال رئيس مجلس ادارة الجمعية في بيان له ان "على رئيس الوزراء عادل عبد المهدي التدخل لحماية المنتج المحلي اسوة بباقي دول العالم"، لافتا الى "اننا تظاهرنا ووقفنا سلميا لانقاذ قطاع الدواجن فيالعراق من دون مجيب".

واضاف ان "هذا القطاع يعمل فيه مئات الاف من العوائل"، معتبرا ان "هذا القطاع سيوفر الامن الغذائي والعملة الصعبة ويشغل الالاف العاطلين عن العمل".

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A fuller picture is emerging of the environmental footprint of beef in the United States.

Beef cattle: Study Clarifies U.S. Beef's Resource Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
By Jan Suszkiw
WASHINGTON, DC, March 11, 2019

An Agricultural Research Service (ARS)-led team has completed a comprehensive life-cycle analysis quantifying the resource use and various environmental emissions of beef cattle production in the United States. The aim is to establish baseline measures that the U.S. beef industry can use to explore ways of reducing its environmental footprint and improve sustainability.

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Anne Marie Quéméner, SPACE Exhibition Manager, has been appointed President of the EURASCO association.

The members of EURASCO, the European Federation of Agricultural Exhibitions and Show Organisers, have unanimously elected their new board: Anne Marie Quéméner, SPACE Exhibition Manager, becomes President, Ruwan Berculo (VIV, Netherlands) is Treasurer, Sorin Vornic (Romexpo, Romania) and Luciano Rizzi (Veronafiere, Italy) are appointed as Vice Presidents. The General Secretary is Giovanni Colombo (Veronafiere, Italy).

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Evonik invites VIV Asia 2019 visitors to join its digital journey

Evonik is promoting its holistic approach to livestock management at this year’s VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, from 13 to 15 March.

Johann Fickler, Animal Nutrition’s Vice President Know-how, Services & Digitalization, explains: “Managing livestock is getting more complex and traditional approaches are no longer sufficient. Technological developments now allow producers to use sensors and software to help them better understand the condition of their flocks, helping increase the performance or improve uniformity.

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Efficient data management in the hatchery By Lotte Hebbink, Incubation Specialist, Pas Reform Academy

Optimizing hatchery performance requires good data management. Data can be stored in various ways, ranging from simple Excel sheets to sophisticated data management software. It is also not uncommon for a large part of the hatchery’s data to still only be on paper. That's a pity, because this data is much more valuable for data analysis when it is digitally stored in the right way.

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Exhibition Invitation

Agritex  Press on READ MORE to see a more detailed image

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Roxell launches energy-efficient Shen-Turbo 100 space heater

Roxell launches energy-efficient Shen-Turbo 100 space heater

Compact and economical heating for pig and poultry houses

Maldegem – 18 February 2019 – Today, Roxell, the leading manufacturer of automatic feeding, drinking, nesting and heating systems, is launching the Shen-Turbo 100, a space heater that generates more heat with 80,000 BTU/h of propane than similarly sized heaters on the market. The compact Shen-Turbo 100 is a new addition to Roxell's range of convection heaters. Shen-Turbo provides a solution to a number of specific needs of pig and poultry farmers.

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EW Nutrition and United BioMed (UBM) form strategic partnership

EW Nutrition and United BioMed will cooperate to serve the Egyptian and Middle East markets for animal nutrition. UBM is a trusted partner and can look back on a more than 20 years of experience in these markets. Customers will benefit from this partnership by having access to the products and services of EW Nutrition. A contribution to solve the need of minimizing the input of antibiotics in animal production is one of the goals when combining the complementary portfolios of EW Nutrition and United BioMed.

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