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Ghassan03After the spread of Coronavirus (Covid 19) in the world we no longer read and hear news about anything other than this disease, which spread with lightning speed in the majority -if not all- of the countries. However, there is funny news - so that I do not say strange - that grabbed my attention because it says:

Scientists at MIGAL Galilee Research Institute may be able to produce a vaccine against coronavirus after about two months of the time of its spread...

But how?

And there's the cool news... just by using one of the By-Product of the I.B.V. vaccine that is used in poultry.

It is well known that Poultry IBV is also a virus that derives from the Corona family and scientists have found that some of the by-Products of its vaccine contain genes that may stimulate the immunity against Coronavirus in humans...

Useful malware...

But the strange thing about this news is the confirmation that they will start field trials within two months from now, and after conducting the necessary tests within a period not exceeding ninety days, they may start commercial production and distribution of the vaccine all over the world. And they're asking international drug companies to help them do that.

The news is over... and the wondering has begun...

Is this reasonable? The major international pharmaceutical companies have been working on this since the onset of the virus, and everyone is preaching about the inability to produce a Corona vaccine before a year or so, and the technical reasons behind this latency are many and complex... the most important of them are:

The quality of the virus and its ability to mutate rapidly.

It may differ from one country to another...

Their genes may mutate quickly, even quicker than the speed of their studying process...

If the disease subsided in the summer and returned to spread in the fall, in the form of influenza for example, it may have changed radically so that the vaccine would no longer have the expected results.

But who knows?

They may be right. They may be able to produce a new vaccine that emerges from the air bronchitis vaccine which is used in poultry that will become the first saviors of the Corona disaster that threatens all the global population...

This news rejoices the heart... especially after chickens were accused of killing tens of millions of people more than a hundred years ago due to influenza.

What do we do? Are we cheering for this news? Should we ask the Almighty God for it to be correct, whatever its source might be?

Should we be dreaming of a happy ending to our renewed suffering?

Perhaps... but what I fear most is for our dreams to turn into a deadly nightmare if the scientists make a mistake in their research and create a new kind of viruses that is descending from Poultry IBV, the consequences of which may even be more devastating than the atomic bomb...

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