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  Ghassan03  Poultry Middle East & North Africa Editorilal
 Poultry Marketing Round Table

MEAP (Poultry Middle East and North Africa) will participate as a founding member in the Poultry Industry Roundtable Conference that will be held at VIV Middle East - Abu Dhabi from 23-25 november.

I can sum up this conference in few words; “returning to the roots.” It will not be based on long or brief lectures, but rather on discussions and exchange of experiences and knowledge to reach implementable results and recommendations.

It will be a discussion between a group of international specialists and workers in the poultry sector that divert the discussion titles for us, each according to his/her specialization, and who would open the door to discussions and exchange of scientific and practical information just like the people’s assembly discusses topics with the government and vice versa.

Readers may think that it will not be different from other scientific conferences and lectures, whether educational or informational or propaganda, which have surrounded us for decades, and are always in one direction. But the truth is quite the opposite. It is a culture in two directions: technology and scientific research on the one hand, and field applications and their results on the other hand...

And the audience is the base of the poultry industry - as we hope they will be - as science needs their scientific opinions as they need to know what is new in modern poultry science and they always need to stay updated and at the speed of the well-known third millennium...

It is obvious that we always look up to the latest research and scientific developments related to the poultry industry, especially as it has become accessible to everyone with the presence of communication technology from Google to Facebook, passing by Twitter, Tik Tok, WhatsApp and others...

But who communicates the voice and opinions of the breeders to the poultry research institutes? How can these specialists know the results of their experiments in our fields and our atmosphere if they cannot listen to this voice?...

Therefore, it was necessary to establish this round table, which will be its first episode in the FIVE Middle East Exhibition - Abu Dhabi, and its topic is of the most importance for the poultry industry: management during crises...or... Crisis Management.

Of course, we did not invent anything grandiose, nor did we discover America, but the truth is that nothing in this world goes in one direction and we cannot take without giving and vice versa, as the common proverb says, “give and take.” Therefore, research on the poultry industry cannot be a status, we must implement it, but we must also give our voice to the world about the application of this research in our fields.

In short, this is the round table that we ask all owners of large projects and specialists to attend to discuss the latest findings in poultry science in terms of research, discoveries and field applications...

What’s better than “Going back to the roots”???

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