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Why do I repeat my thanks to my two friends for their valuable contribution so as our magazine would maintain soaring the heights?
Do they need the thanks? Do I need to thank them? Truth to be said: it is true that we need to revamp, modernize, and even revolutionize the editing and the production of this magazine, but there is a deference between wishing for something and getting it.

What happened this summer that top news headline are again on the risk of egg consumption, and maybe chicken meat consumption? Wasn’t it enough what was said and written about the avian flu, the Salmonella, the dioxide and others?

We were and still complaining about the consumption of maize, soy, and wheat that are genetically engineered. Today, we are very close to the production and consumption of the genetically engineered meat and chicken, so what can we say?

In my numerous trips to the Arab countries and my visits to many of the modern and huge poultry farms, it caught my attention in the layer poultry farms that there is little focus on the unproductive layers in more than one giant farm and in more than one Arab country.

I always wonder or maybe we all wonder too, why do we have to pay for us and for the others?

What sin have we- the poultry farmers- committed in the Middle East drown in muds and fires, to be thrown with stones from everywhere?

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