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  Ghassan03 Bovine & Ovine- Middle East and North Africa

You are Wronged, Cow

God has created for us cows to nurture the plantation and help stimulate its rapid growth and nourish the soil of the earth with its excrement saturated with enzymes and nutrients necessary for the plant. But with the doubling of the population of the earth and the increase in the consumption of meat, cheese, and milk per capita, it was necessary for us to establish huge farms of cows for intensive and modern breeding to produce enough to feed the human being today.

GhassanEdited01A caprine ranch owner called me asking for advice on a case that he had been struggling with for the past few months. His herd of goats appears less active and their feed consumption decreased as well, and at the same time, they have no complaints of any disease or illness whatsoever...

It is well known that the fairs are the most efficient meeting point for dairy farmers and milk producers. In one of these crowdy shows, it happened to “steal” a discussion between two farmers. I deducated either from their behavior, or from their discussion that they have small family farms. As a matter of fact it was more a complaint than a discussion.


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