MoFA has recently launched Rearing for Food and Jobs (RFJ) in July 2019. The approach is focused on building significant local capacity commercial operators as well as small-holders and new entrants seeking to get into the business.

The shortfall in productive capacity of chicken is so great and continues steadily. If we go back to 2017 broiler meat production reached 35,000 tons, supplying less than 25% of Ghana’s demand. During this time imports increased an estimated 14,000 tons to 158,000 tons due to insufficient domestic supply and consistent demand (Source: USDA GAIN 2017).

Ghana must transform the protein resources production equation of the entire country and its extended value-chains for fish, cattle, sheep, goat and chicken moving from limited and subsistence production to control the full measure of production self-sufficiency. The environmental conditions are ideal for rearing and most importantly access to feed stuffs represent 90% of the equation in animal and rearing. The investment for greater veterinary services, and admittedly, drugs are required as well. The abattoirs and processors require investment to meet export quality standards for all slaughter houses.

The opportunity for processors to add-value and expand the market throughout the region also is exceptional motivation to invest in Ghana for Poultry production and livestock overall. PFJ will work in partnership to greatly enhance this process of productive expansion. The Republic of Ghana seeks significant investment in localized value-added production for Poultry