At the beginning of next year we will be participating at IPPE 2020. This material is also the preamble to a TechTalk we will hold on the same topic, Wednesday, January 29th at 1:10.00 PM in Hall B-B8648.

The white paper does NOT have a marketing and promotional construction, and it talks from a scientific perspective about poultry bone composition and how this affects the bones ability to be detected by an X-ray system(.. Any X-ray system, not specifically ours). 


The title is: “Facts on Detection Capabilities for X-ray Systems Based on Chicken Bone Composition Variations” by Jørgen Rheinlænder, P.hD, M.Sc in Physics, Director & Founder of InnospeXion. 


A little bit about us: 

InnospeXion is a Danish manufacturer of a special kind of X-ray inspection systems called LWX (long wave X-rays). Even though our X-ray expertise expands over various applications, one of our biggest focus areas is the poultry industry- more precisely bone detection and physical contamination detection. 

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