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Biomin ImageWe greatly value the health and safety of our customers, colleagues and stake-holders in over 120 countries across the world. Our nearly 40-year commitment to making agriculture more productive and sustainable means that we take a holistic, long-term view on how we do business.  


The occurrence of COVID-19 in many regions, health recommendations and measures taken to stem the spread of the virus has widespread impacts for many of us.  

We strive to support all of you — our customers, colleagues and stakeholders — to get through these challenging times.  

For many years we have broadened and expanded our production capacity to make product delivery expedient and closer to customers anywhere in the world.   

Since the initial reports of COVID-19, we have enacted specific regional and local action plans to ensure customers receive the products they have come to rely on for their operations while also minimizing risk to the people involved.  

We continue to monitor the situation carefully, and all production units are currently operating. Our products remain available and we will continue to do the utmost to secure supply.  

Specific measures we have taken include:

  • An international travel ban for all employees and consultants
  • Cancellation of participation in international conferences and meetings
  • Home office for most employees
  • Creation of an internal hotline
  • Replacing in-person meetings with video and phone conferences
  • Strict limitation of external visits to offices and production facilities
  • Increased hygiene and cleanliness measures
  • More stringent safety protocols for production and logistics
  • Strict compliance with the guidelines stipulated by local safety and health authorities
  • Revision of cross-border production plans and build-up of stocks

Additional protocols and agreements with our upstream suppliers and logistics partners to ensure product availability

These measures are continuously adapted to the current situation, and we always put the safety of people first. We will continue our efforts and communications to support you going forward.