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Visit us at our Eurotier digital webinar: On-site or On-Line Marketing on Wednesday 10 February 2021 (11:30 - 13:55 Central Europe Time).
As the Poultry Middle East & North Africa magazine seeks to provide its readers with the proficient contents and keep in touch with their perspectives, we ran a questionnaire to learn how they would like to read the magazine: would they prefer Hard copy or online (soft copy) reading?

The questionnaire involved the issue on how the adverts are read and the readers’ opinion about different SECTIONS of the magazine.

2407 answers were received and the statistics results will be revealed during the Webinar.

5000 $ worth prizes will be distributed during Eurotier Digital
DLG staff will participate introducing EUROTIER Middle East and the importance of Digital V/S Onsite Fairs.
A Random Draw will select 5 winners each one will be awarded an over 300 US DOllars prime which will be delivered to their address by courier.
Four companies from those who participated in the questionnaire will also be awarded with free advertisement in the Poultry Middle East & North Africa magazine.

Program of the webinar:
Ghassan Sayegh (MEAP) Welcome word
Saskia Zugeler (DLG) Eurotier Middle East Invitation
Malene Colong (DLG) Onsite V/S Online Fairs
Amal Makhoul (MEAP) Questionnaire Results
Antoine Sayegh (MEAP) Random Draw and priming

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