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February 2021
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The "EuroTier / EnergyDecentral digital" has launched successfully. More than 11,000 visitors registered on the DLG digital platform on the first day (February 9th) and found out about the products and services from around 1,200 exhibitors. There was also great interest in the more than 85 specialist events on current topics from the areas of animal farming and innovative energy supply. More than 83,000 interactions and over 255,000 click-page-impressions were counted.

Here is the first voice of one of the visitors:
“Even if I missed the personal conversations on site at the exhibition stands, I am really impressed by this professional platform. Many companies provide answers to the complex questions of how we can increasingly integrate animal, environmental and climate protection into our housing systems. As a young animal owner I was also interested in the technical programme. For example, the idea of a low-emission animal welfare facility for pigs. That motivates me for the future and I'm looking forward to the coming days." (Gesa Langenberg, farmer)


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