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FranchiniThe Italian Branch wishes to convey warmest congratulations to Prof. Achille Franchini on his nominee as member of Poultry Hall of Fame of World’s Poultry Science Association for his hard work, expertise and recognition. He spent all his academic career at University of Bologna and he was Full Professor of Poultry Science at the Faculty of Agriculture for almost 20 years (1988-2012). Prof. Franchini began making contributions toward understanding relationship between nutrition and health in avian species when he was still studying for his master degree and he continues for more than forty years with the publication of more than 170 scientific publications in the field of poultry science.

He was also among the first Italian animal scientists to understand the importance of joining international research networks and developing participation to EU funded projects. From the beginning of his career, Prof. Franchini was very active member of Scientific Societies in the poultry sector. Most of his career was dedicated to World's Poultry Science Association. On 2003, he was elected as President of Italian Branch of the WPSA and he strongly promoted internationalization of the activities of the Italian Branch, while before EPC2006, he served as President of the European Federation (2006-2010). He was also one of the founding members of the Mediterranean Poultry Network. He was also national member of WG5 “Poultry Meat Quality” for almost 20 years.

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