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The historical Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions (November 26-28) are ready to host the most awaited event for the dairy cattle world that, due to covid-19 pandemic, has been absent from an international ring for two years now.

Cremona, November 16th 2021 – Animals being prepared, with breeders combing and polishing their hair, then the livestock competitions themselves happening in the historical ring of CremonaFiere, totally renewed for the occasion, the palpable tension during the judge’s evaluation and at the end the winners’ celebrations.

“It has been too long since breeders last enjoyed the emotions of an International Livestock Show – said Massimo De Bellis, General Manager of CremonaFiere -. This year, with Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions being back in presence, we have organized a unique event at European level, that reconfirms Cremona as one of the major dairy cattle poles in the world”.

And in fact, figures say so: 470 heads of cattle from 75 livestock farms from Italy and abroad, 4 dairy cattle breeds (Holstein, Red Holstein, Jersey and Brownswiss). Involved animals will be judged by the international judge Callum McKinven from Canada. Auctioneer of the International Dairy Auction, taking place alongside the Livestock Show, will be the Irish Glyn Lucas, who will lead an innovative auction formula with a special eye on charity. Preconditions for a great livestock event are there and breeders are getting ready with enthusiasm. And so is it for the 13-year-old Enea Boni, who chose with great determination to take part in the Livestock Show even if with only one animal: the 11months calf of his grandfather’s farm (Az. Agr. Olivieri Giuseppe). “What a deep emotion it will be to see young and very young breeders walking with their animals on Cremona ring, one of the most prestigious worldwide – said grandpa Giuseppe Olivieri-. This is also part of our job: handing down traditions, culture and passion for livestock farming”.

Along with the International Livestock Show, Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions, one of the most influential event dedicated to dairy farming, will also feature the participation of 5 breeds with a twofold aptitude for production (Valdostana, Rendena, Reggiana, Grigio Alpina and Pezzata Rossa) and the best of agro-livestock equipment, technologies and services with exhibitors from all over the world. Furthermore, the events programme offers qualified seminars and conferences dealing with the most topical themes of the sector, from environmental sustainability to process efficiency, from strategic vision to enhancement of the production chain.


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