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The 22th International Exhibition for the Management
& Production of Poultry, Livestock & Fish: 13th – 15 th  Oct.  2022

AGRENA has stood the test of time to register itself as the Middle Eastern region’s largest & most prestigious Poultry, Livestock & Fish Show. It targets the flourishing Poultry, Livestock & Fish industry in one of the biggest markets for Poultry, Livestock & Fish products in the Middle East, with an emphasis on giving the possible opportunities to broaden your horizons & to see the latest technology, products and services.



  • AGRENA is held 3 days once a year, at  Egyption  Exhibitions Center – New Cairo . The total exhibition area comprises 26000 m² indoor and 2400 m² in the open air, as we expect an increase in numbers of exhibitors this year. This is from the satisfaction level among the exhibitors with the quality of organization and the new innovations that had been made at AGRENA 2019 As well the increasing in numbers of visitors from Egypt & other countries proves that AGRENA is a good opportunity for new trade contacts.




  • The Main Fields:-

- Poultry Breeding (Breeder - Layers - Broilers - Ostrich - Quail - 
  Rabbits - Turkeys - Ducks).
- New technology in breeding science.
- Aquaculture farming.
- Animal feed machineries.
- Pharmaceutical manufacturing & production.
- Animal health products & vaccines production.
- Premixes, Antitoxins, Disinfectants, Vitamins.
- Feed Additives & Concentrates production.
- Artificial drying of green feed materials.
- Scientific researches and development of vet products.
- Construction & key in hand poultry projects.
- Ventilation, Cooling, Heating, Feeding, Drinking Systems.
- Batteries & drop drinkers.
- Hatcheries & complete installation.
- Grains storage & silos.
- Complete automatic slaughtering machines & further processing.
- Electronic Scales Industry.
- Environmental Pollution Control techniques.
- Livestock breeding equipments.
- Construction & preparation of livestock farms.
- Camels & Horses farm construction.
- Livestock meat production.
- Dairy product machineries.
- Frozen meat industry.
- Services related to Poultry & Livestock sector.


  • Venue:-

Egyption Exhibitions  Center – New Cairo

It is distinguished location for making meetings among the companies and their customers to meet in order to exchange ideas and finalize transactions. It Covers 24000 m² provided with the best technical & audio visual aids to facilitate the function of the international specialized exhibitions.


Its Available Services


- Businessmen Services Center (Tel & Fax: local & international lines).

- Communication Center.

- A branch of misr Bank.
- Parking.
- Freight & Customers Office.
- Restaurant.


AGRENA 2022 will be held in the 2 big Halls with space area of 23000 m² beside the  Open Space  area 2400 m².

  • Times:-

AGRENA 2022 will be held on Thursday, 13th to Saturday, 15th Oct. 2022


Opening hours:-

For Exhibitors:    9:00   -   21:00 

For Visitors:       10:00   -   20:00


Construction: Booth construction will begin on Monday, 10th Oct. 2022

Dismantling: Booth dismantling will begin on Sunday, 16th  Oct. 2022

  • Reservation:-


For reserving a space for your participation:

Fill and resend the Application Form on Fax or by E-Mail with the layout showing the location you choose & the minimum size you need.

As we received your final decision about the chosen preferable place we will send you the formal stand confirmation.


  • The Minimum Booth size: 9 m².


  • The Prices:-

The participation fees for foreign companies are Two Hundred and Eighty US Dollars per a square meter (280 $ / m²) including:-

  • Row Space.
  • Booth construction & furnishing with the following: (for each 9m²).

- Wall panels.
- Fascia Board with Company's Name.
- Carpet.
- 2 Chairs.
- 1 Table.
- 3 Spotlights.
- 1 Power Socket.
- 1 Waste Paper Basket.

  • Publishing Company name & contact details in AGRENA 2022 Catalogue.
  • Publishing participant’s companies names within our advertisements in the Newspapers & Magazines through the Media Campaign.


  • What above mentioned is the basic standard furniture for each nine square meters (9 m²). The item number is increasing according to nine doubling (Ex. One table for each 9 m² space will be four tables with 36 m² space etc.)
  • For Extra Furniture you should apply for by filling the Extra Furniture Form marking the item you need & the number of items then send it back signed & sealed on Fax or by E-Mail.


  • Terms of Payment:-

You will receive the official invoice with the stand confirmation. The payment will be within 15 days of date of invoice as following:

  • Pay 50% of the total amount as down payment (within 15 days).
  • Pay 50% the other half of the total amount dated 1/8/2021.

Bank Account Details:-

Beneficiary Bank: QNB ALAHLI  Bank
Address: 2 El Fawakeh St., El Mohandeseen, Giza, Egypt.
Tel: +2 02 3345 62 94 - 334 60 120                            Fax: +2 02 3345 46 50
Account Name: Crose Co.
Company Address: 87 El Alameen St., Sahfein, Mohandseen, Cairo, Egypt.
Tel/Fax: +2 02 330 38 994
Account No.: 03 20310202616 21
Swift Code:  QNBAEGCX

  • Event Promotions:-


  1. For the local & Arabian promotion, publish advertisements gradually, in the local & Arab specialized magazines such as: Poultry Middle East - Bovine & Ovine issued from Lebanon - the local ones: Eshraqa –Dawajen – Asmak – Mazraty  .
  2. Publish advertisements gradually two weeks before the exhibition beginning & during the exhibition days through the local daily newspaper such as; El Ahram, Akhbar, Al Watan and Gomhoria.
  3. Make coverage for the exhibition activities through publishing reports in the specialized magazines & TV interviews in the agriculture programs such as; the agriculture section in Good Morning Egypt.
  4. For International promotion, publish gradually advertisements in the worldly specialized magazines such as; International Poultry Production – International Hatchery Practice (Positive Action Publications) & Poultry International (Watt Poultry Group) Afrique Agriculture magazine (France).
  5. Presence in the International specialized exhibitions such as; Space    (France), Eurotier- Hannover (Germany), VIV- Utrecht (Holland), Fieravicola – Forli (Italy) beside the Arab exhibitions such as; Sipsa (Algeria), Dawajine (Morocco), Sawsana (Jordan) in order to attract the Arab & Foreigner to AGRENA by distributing the brochures & invitations in co-operation with Middle East Poultry Magazine.
  6. Distribute around 60000 invitations by mail for the specialized governmental authorities, embassies, university professors, breeders, farmers, veterinarians, businessmen. In addition to the invitations that distributed with the specialized magazines.

  • Freight:-
  • The exhibits are under Customs Exemption. As they are subject to Temporary Customs Exemption System for the products that will be just used for showing in the Exhibitions. They will be entered under the name of AGRENA 2016 exhibition & return back again.
  • In the case of selling any of the exhibits, the participant should pay the Customs Fees with agreement with Customs Office at Cairo International Conference Center.
  • Exhibits shipping should be done at enough suitable time before the exhibition beginning in order to be able to solve any issues or problems related to the shipping procedures.


The Formal Shipping Representative for AGRENA

(For inquiries or questions call)

146 A Tomanbay St., El Zeitoun, Cairo, Egypt
Tel: +2 02 26389771 / 26382154
Fax: +2 02 26382528
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General Manager: Mr. Adel Fayad
Operations Manager: Mrs. Mervat Mokhtar


  • Seminar:-


In the case of the desire to hold a seminar or conference, you will find the possibility to rent the suitable room including the necessary technical equipment & catering in Cairo International Conference Center (CICC)


  • Room Capacity

It is suitable for 100 persons. Seating arrangements will be 100 chairs in rows.


  • Technical Equipment

- Loudspeaker system for microphones.
- A speaker’s desk provided with a table microphone.
- A long table for five persons provided with table microphones.
- Data show / projector with screen 180cm x 180cm (alternative).
- Data show / Slide projector (alternative).
- Video & TV 21 inches (alternative).


  • Catering

Cold or Hot drinks with cakes


  • Price

The fees will be 7000 L.E. (Five Thousand Egyptian pounds) including room, technical equipment rent & catering.

  • Times



1st Lecture

2nd Lecture

3rd Lecture

Thursday, 13th Oct. 2022

11:00 am       to 1:00 pm

2:00 am       to 4:00 pm 

5:00 pm       to 7:00 pm

Friday,      14th Oct. 2022

11:00 am       to 1:00 pm

2:00 am       to 4:00 pm    

5:00 pm       to 7:00 pm

Saturday, 15th Oct. 2022

11:00 am       to 1:00 pm

2:00 am       to 4:00 pm   

  • For reserving, fill in Conference Form and resend on Fax or by E-Mail.

  • Organizers:-  


For more information please contact us, you will find us always ready to answer your Enquiries:


Crose logo
Crose Fairs Organizers

87 El Alameen St., Sahfien, Mohandeseen, Cairo, Egypt.

Tel/Fax: +2 02 330 38 994


E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




AGRENA 2022                                                                                                      
( 13th Oct. - 15th Oct. )

The 22th International Exhibition for the
Management & production of Poultry, Livestock & Fish

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