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 View the 5 minutes invitation to the Fourth Mediterranean Poultry Summit of the WPSA in Beirut.

2nd reprodAction* Cattle Symposium gathers 300 specialists in Nice to improve the current levels of reproductive management.  

According to Rabobank, a lead 2nd reprodAction* Cattle Symposium gathers 300 specialists in Nice to improve the current levels of reproductive management.

Huvepharma, announced an agreement to acquire Viridus Animal Health, LLC, (a subsidiary of Novus International, Inc.) which manufactures and sells ADVENT® Coccidiosis Vaccine.  Huvepharma expects the transaction to close in early April, 2014.

Adisseo is launching the Rovabio® Enzyme Clinic, a unique tailor-made training session - a balanced mix of scientific lectures and practical exercises on how to get the most from feed enzymes. This training is provided to customers by Adisseo’s nutritionists and technology experts.

The Lipid Evaluation Test monitors the nutritional and oxidative quality of lipids to optimize feed, increase profitability

Kemin is launching a new customer service tool to better assess the oxidative quality and nutritional value of oils and fats in feed. The Lipid Evaluation Test provides nutritionists with accurate lipid profiles containing the apparent metabolizable energy (AME) values and oxidative status and potential in order to improve applications and combat unwanted variations of oils and fats in animal nutrition.

تحت رعاية د. صلاح سيد البلال رئيس جامعة المنوفية ود. هشام سلطان, أقامت جامعة المنوفية المؤتمر العلمي الثامن ٧-١٠ ابريل عن دور الطب البيطري في تحقيق الأمن الغذائي وحماية صحة الانسان وذلك في منتجع وفندق رومانس على شاطئ العين السخنة.

Executives from throughout Asia and beyond will gather in Bangkok in April to attend what has now become the region’s largest and dominant animal feed and grain event. This multi-attraction showpiece event will take place at the BITEC exhibition centre in Bangkok from 8 – 10 April 2014.

Leasing land abroad, corporate farminglikely to increase investor appetite, Emirates Investment CEO says ahead of Agribusiness Outlook Forum 

Investments in research, science, and technology will lay the foundation for improved agricultural productivity, reduced waste and a healthier and safer food supply in the Middle East and North Africa(MENA) region, an investment expert has said.  

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