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Why do I repeat my thanks to my two friends for their valuable contribution so as our magazine would maintain soaring the heights?
Do they need the thanks? Do I need to thank them? Truth to be said: it is true that we need to revamp, modernize, and even revolutionize the editing and the production of this magazine, but there is a deference between wishing for something and getting it.

Today Dr. Abdelhafiz Zadeh has new scientific news about a disease that has likely spread in one of the farms that he is supervising and he is asking everyone else if they know anything about the symptoms.

Some might consider them as riddles, and others might simply say that they are symptoms of a fungal disease like the rest of the fungal diseases. Is it worth all the fuss? It’s like he’s telling us that it’s a viral or bacterial disease and that the search for its species is like searching among the angels.
I don’t know if these symptoms are a new disease or a new mutation of an old fungal disease such as Aspergillus, but I give it the utmost importance, it is a new event in our magazine in its fortieth year, which we hope will remain young and even brighter as it gets older. “The new and the renewed” will remain our slogan, and this pan Arab magazine, which has excelled with the efforts of the experts and readers, will continue to be eager for all new.
Dr. Zadeh has kicked his ball and landed in the goal of vets and specialist, will anyone pick it up?
As for Dr. Abdelhafid Bounab, he is introducing us to a revolution in the scientific writing routine, trying to blend oil with water, poetry with philosophy, words and verses. He is simply asking us to write our scientific articles in prose and poetry rather than being rigid and referring to scientific dictionaries.
I love every renovation and regeneration, but I am afraid of jumping towards the unknown. Poetry requires a lot of emotions and the search for rhyme and consistency, and on the other hand science imposes a specific technical explanation, so how do we gather the two in one writing?
Of course, Dr. Bounab gave us an example of this, he wrote science in a poetic crucible, but how do we make it a special scientific article?
I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s a “mission impossible”, and the experts would have to try to do it, and why not? Aren’t we in the age of impossible missions?  

The Economic Benefits of Vectormune ND Vaccine On Broilers at Al Ajban Farms In UAE


Newcastle is a disease caused by a virus in the family of paramyxoviruses. It appears in three forms: lentogenic or mild, mesogenic or moderate and velogenic or very virulent, also called exotic Newcastle disease. The lentogenic strains are very widespread, but cause few disease outbreaks.1
It usually presents as a respiratory disease, but depression, nervous manifestations, or diarrhea may be the predominant clinical form.2
In low challenge countries, commercial broiler chickens are often facing the uncontrolled circulation of lentogenic (vaccine) strains, especially in high densely populated poultry areas. As a result, they may show subtle to overt respiratory signs, because of the inflammation of the trachea. As a result, flock uniformity will decrease. Ultimately, slaughterhouse condemnations may increase due to excessive airsacculitis.3

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Agrena Show is Postponed

AgrenaThe Agrena show will be postponed until October 2021!
Stay safe everyone.

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Meyn Releases new Rapid Plus Deboner M4.2 with Semi-automatic loading carousel

The next generation flexible and labor-saving breast deboning solution

Labor and fluctuating market demands have never been so challenging in poultry processing. The strenuous effects of COVID-19 forced various processors to take measures like implementing social distancing and partly shift to other output products. The pressure on poultry processors to be flexible with both their input and output has never been so apparent. Together with decreased dependency on labor and increased requirements on health and safety, processors are facing demanding times. Meyn answers these challenges with the release of their new Meyn Rapid Plus Deboner M4.2 featuring the new Semi-automatic loading carousel. This upgraded modular, configurable deboning solution takes the next step to meet the need for flexibility and laborsaving.

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Introduction in biorisk management

Abstract: BIOSAFTY, BIOSECURITY, and BIORISK management system are common biorisk terms that related to support each other.
Laboratory biosafety is a mixture of principles, technologies, and practices implemented to prevent unintentional exposure to pathogens and toxins, or their unintentional release incorporation with biosecurity which is protection, control, loss, theft, misuse, division or intentional release of pathogens. This biorisk management system should be applied in our labs through well trained and qualified person. CWA 15793 is a comprehensive framework for managing biorisks developed through international collection. Shipping infectious substances and biological specimens according to IATA (INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION) roles.

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