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EPC coverMr. Ghassan Sayegh, General Manager of Middle East Agrifood Publishers (MEAP), chaired the Politics and Education Plenary Session at the 16th European Poultry Congress (EPC) in Valencia. He was joined by Professor Peter van Horne, a renowned poultry economist and senior researcher at Wageningen Economic Research, part of Wageningen University and Research Center (WUR) in the Netherlands.

Mr. Sayegh, a veteran in the agrifood publishing industry since 1979, has significantly contributed to the scientific community through his work with MEAP, which publishes several specialized magazines, including Poultry Middle East and North Africa and Health and Nutrition. In addition, he founded SaySoft in 2009, which develops software for farm management and scientific events. Mr. Sayegh is also a member of the World Poultry Science Association's Italian branch and has been involved in numerous international conferences, focusing on dairy and poultry production in the Middle East.

Professor Peter van Horne, with a degree in farm economics from Wageningen University, has been dedicated to poultry research since 1984. His work primarily focuses on the economics of animal welfare, environmental protection, animal health, and international competition. Professor van Horne is an influential figure in the poultry sector, serving as the chairman of the economics working group of the European Federation of the World Poultry Science Association and as an economic analyst for the International Egg Commission.

During the plenary session, Mr. Sayegh and Professor van Horne led discussions on the intersection of politics and education in the poultry sector. Their combined expertise provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities within the industry, addressing critical issues such as animal welfare, food safety, and sustainable production.

The session was a highlight of the EPC, offering attendees a unique opportunity to engage with two leading figures in the poultry industry. Their collaboration underscored the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to tackling the complex issues facing the sector today.


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