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Chicken3There’s good news for the global poultry industry. After several years of challenges, the market is rebounding thanks to rising consumption and controlled production. Rabobank, a major financial services company, predicts poultry meat consumption will grow between 1.5% and 2% globally. This growth is attributed to both strong local demand, particularly in emerging markets, and a return to normalcy in trade after a period of disruption.

Chicken is maintaining its competitive edge as a protein source. While chicken prices have risen slightly by 2%, pork and beef have seen steeper increases of 4% and 5% respectively. However, managing operational costs remains crucial for producers. Feed prices, which had been steadily declining for two years, have shown a slight uptick of 1% due to lower-than-expected harvests. This necessitates careful planning for producers, who may need to prioritize securing feed ingredients and optimizing feed formulations. The potential for a La Niña season, which can disrupt crop yields, adds another layer of complexity.


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