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EuroTier demonstrates the prospects for animal production farmers

155,000 total visitors – 46,500 visitors from outside Germany – International platform and innovation engine for livestock farming – EnergyDecentral: leading trade fair for bioenergy and decentralized energy concepts.

Hanover, Germany, 16th November 2018 – "With 2,597 exhibitors and 155,000 visitors, including 46,500 from outside Germany, EuroTier 2018 demonstrated its importance as the world’s leading trade fair for animal production," said Dr. Reinhard Grandke, CEO of DLG (German Agricultural Society), at the conclusion of this year’s EuroTier on 16th November 2018 in Hanover.

Dr. Grandke drew the following conclusions:

  1. EuroTier is the leading international platform for innovation and strategies for animal production. A total of 2,597 exhibitors from 63 countries presented their innovations and concepts for agricultural practice worldwide. Digital solutions based on electronics, control system technology, data management and innovations in the areas of livestock housing, feeding, husbandry and genetics and breeding set new trends for efficient production and animal welfare.
  2. 155,000 visitors attended from more than 130 countries. This result makes EuroTier the leading international trade fair for animal production for farmers and farming experts in both Europe and other continents. About 30 percent of all visitors came from outside the host country, with the highest-represented nations being the Netherlands, China, Russia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Austria, Ukraine, France, Turkey, Belgium and Denmark in that order. The proportion of visitors from outside Europe increased significantly. Registered visitor numbers from North and South America, and the Middle and Far East were higher than ever before.
  3. German farmers, especially those based in strong livestock regions, are willing to invest. Indeed EuroTier represents a central meeting point for their investment planning. They consequently require clear political decisions that provide them with a reliable framework for future investments.
  4. EuroTier’s visitors constituted professional animal producers from all sectors. This is also reflected in the particular area of interest expressed by the livestock farmers visiting: Some 65 percent of visitors focused on the solutions on offer for the cattle species including dairy and beef, with 39 percent focusing on the pork sector and 32 percent on the poultry offering.
  5. EuroTier 2018’s special feature, "Digital Animal Farming", attracted the attention of visitors through the many practical demonstrations that were on offer. These new digital solutions have the potential to significantly improve farm management, and also ensure the health of animals and enable transparency along the entire value chain.
  6. EuroTier’s technical program was organized by the DLG and numerous partners from industry, engineering, science and consulting. More than 200 events, which comprised special features, conferences and forums, focused on concepts and perspectives that ultimately benefit animal health. The congress of Germany’s Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians (bpt), taking place alongside EuroTier 2018, offered additional opportunities for knowledge exchange across sectors.
  7. The range of feed and animal health products, with about 750 exhibitors, was particularly noteworthy this year. Recent drought conditions in many European countries mean farmers are looking for feed sources from other regions that offer alternative feed formulations.
  8. EuroTier 2018 presented innovative solutions and practical concepts in the dairy, beef, pork and poultry sectors. These livestock industry solutions tie in closely with the needs of consumers. The 26 winners of the EuroTier 2018 Innovation Award are ideal examples of such solutions. For the first time this year, two award-winning innovations that specifically meet the requirements of higher animal welfare standards also received the additional distinction "Animal Welfare Award". These products were selected in conjunction with the Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians (bpt).
  9. EnergyDecentral, which takes place at EuroTier, firmly positioned itself as the leading trade fair for bioenergy and decentralized energy concepts this year. This was clear not only from the extensive range of products presented by exhibitors, but also through the technical programs: The BIOGAS Convention organized by the German Biogas Association, the new conference "European Bioenergy Future" hosted by the Bioenergy Europe organization, and a variety special features and discussion forums.
  10. The Young Farmers Day at EuroTier, which takes place at every EuroTier, attracts young farmers and students from across Europe and makes EuroTier a forward-looking platform in the agricultural sector. Networking, career planning and discussions about sustainable agriculture took center stage, as the next generation of Europe’s farmers met in Hanover in Germany.

The next EuroTier, including EnergyDecentral, in Germany, will take place from 17th to 20th November 2020 in Hanover, Germany


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