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ODraw11n the second day of Eurotier, EnergyDecentral digital, Mr. Ghassan Sayegh- MEAP’s General Manager, gave an introduction about the online version of Poultry Middle East and North Africa and Bovine & Ovine Middle East and North Africa, highlighting the section of “Fair of the Fairs” which came to life this year to replace the actual fairs that were done pre-Corona times.

This year’s Eurotier Abu Dhabi was introduced as well. It will take place in June 2021, following strict safety measures.
There was two live draws done by the staff of MEAP- Middle East Agrifood Publishers, where prizes worth more than 5000$ found their winners among MEAP’s readers and free ads were given to random companies who participated in MEAP’s questionnaire. The content of the questionnaire was explained and discussed by Mrs. Amal Makhoul- Marketing and Production Manager at MEAP.


Winner readers were:
Mr. Muhammad Eid Bachir Namous from Saudi arabia
Dr. Khaled Muhammad Ahmad Mahrus from Egypt
Dr. Hatem Abed Al Kader Muhammad Hamdun from Egypt
Barzan Adnan Mohammad Ali from Iraq
Mohannad Al Salem from UAE – Abu Dhabi



Companies that won free ads in the magazine were:
Kuhl company

Mrs. Malene Conlong talked about Eurotier and Agritechnica, and Mrs. Saskia Zuleger introduced Eurotier Abu Dhabi which will happen in June 2021.

Overall the online event was a success, it gave the industry hope that despite the current rough situation worldwide, we can still come together and grow as a community.

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