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dlg2Live presentation of breeds on each of the four days; Dairy breeds: Holstein Friesian, Angler and Brown Swiss; Dual purpose breeds: Fleckvieh, Grauvieh and Pinzgau; Beef breeds: Angus, Charolais, Galloway, Hereford and Wagyu; Sheep and goats breeds part of the event; Live commentary and details about breeding performance
(DLG). The ‘TopTierTreff’ in hall 11 at EuroTier 2022 is a major attraction and a must for international cattle breeders. Leading German and international breeding companies and organisations from the dairy and beef cattle sector will be presenting top-class breeding animals daily over four days.

The Holstein Friesian, Angler and Brown Swiss dairy cattle breeds will be represented in hall 11. The dual-purpose cattle breeds Fleckvieh, Grauvieh and Pinzgau will also be presented. The beef cattle sector will additionally be represented with the Angus, Charolais, Galloway, Hereford and Wagyu breeds. Professional visitors will also be able to take a look at national and international sheep and goat breeds as well as a Noriker horse. The constantly increasing need of cattle breeders from around the world for information about the latest top genetics will be specifically met by the presentation of diverse animals. In blocks dedicated to individual breeds, the participating companies and organisations will provide information about the top animals in their breeding programmes, detailing their breeding performance, benefits and possible applications on the ‘TopTierTreff’ stage. The exhibitors will also be offering information and will be available to interested professional visitors for discussions at their stands in hall 11, where the breeding animals will also be integrated.

Extensive animal presentations
dlg3From 10 a.m. on each day of the exhibition, professional visitors will be offered a varied range of events on stage: breeding animals and followers from various dairy breeds will be presented several times a day on the stage at the ‘TopTierTreff’ and commented on by experts from the corresponding breeding organisations. The hereditary strengths and the breeding potential of sire and genomically tested top bulls will be demonstrated equally as appealingly as individual animals and animal groups, as a result of which visitors will be provided with important help in choosing the appropriate genetics. Specific mating with these bulls promises high-performance and healthy cattle and is the prerequisite for a farm’s success.
dlg4The impressive on-stage presentation of bulls, heifers, cows, suckler cows and calves of various breeds will also answer questions about topics ranging from suckler cow husbandry and intensive beef production to extensive robust cattle production.

Presentation of international sheep and goat breeds
Since professional visitors’ interest in the area of sheep and goat breeding has also increased considerably, the little ruminants will once again be presented on the ‘TopTierTreff’ stage this year.

New: technical programme on the ‘TopTierTreff’ stage
In addition to the presentation of breeding animals and their top genetics, individual time slots will also be dedicated to presenting specialist topics from the areas of breeding as well as milk and meat production.

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