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The global COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on human health and the economy worldwide. Poultry processing specialist Meyn is eager to help recover human health and global economy by supporting aspiring poultry processors and farmers in Africa to professionalize their business to achieve higher levels of hygiene, efficiency AND increase their profit.

Whether it concerns farmers willing to take the first steps into processing, expansion of existing processing plants or exploring the opportunities of increasing yield, we are more than happy to help achieve their ambitions. Small and big. From establishing a facility capable of processing 1.000 birds per hour to expanding towards an astonishing 15.000 birds per hour. Our strength is treating each ambition individually, look for customized solutions, match opportunities in the local market with business potentials and continuously develop concepts and solutions to help and im-prove this industry.” –Milan van de Beek, area sales manager at Meyn.

One of the most recently launched concepts of Meyn is their LEAP concept: Low investment, Ex-pandable, (semi) Automatic Processing allows poultry processors to professionalize poultry pro-cessing with a (semi) Automatic concept. At the start, only minimal investment is needed, after which processors can grow along with their market and expand their plant accordingly. The concept has already proven to be highly successful in Asia.

LEAP allows both independent professionals as well as small businesses to step into the untapped market of (semi) automated processing. Especially now COVID-19 has put the existence of the al-ready contentious wet markets under increased pressure. The main theory that the beginning of COVID-19 could be traced back to a wet market in Wuhan, China, started a global discussion. Es-pecially after earlier outbreaks of SARS and Influenza, which found their roots on similar wet mar-kets. Global health organizations are putting more and more pressure on local authorities around the world to regulate these so-called wet markets. Close contact between humans and animals demands for further professionalization, improved ratios of health and safety and manageability of the poul-try, meat and fish trade.

Meyn wants to simplify taking these necessary steps towards automation. Aspects involved in au-tomation such as logistics, electricity, water usage and filtration, all might be a little overwhelming at the start. Together with various partners such as Chore-Time for livestock handling and Nijhuis for water treatment, Meyn offers a complete package of knowledge, experience and solutions to guide the way.

“At Meyn we think beyond the steel. We stand side by side with processors to identify their poten-tials and help them develop their plant accordingly. Our support does not stop once a concept is realized. We will continue support a processor by providing necessary spare parts, service, training of staff and providing valuable business advice. We see ourselves more as consultants, as advisors. Only then we can help poultry processors reach their highest potential.” – Milan van de Beek, area sales manager at Meyn.

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