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GhassanI do not think anyone who lives in our world does not know the importance of milk and dairy in the development of human beings.

From my childhood through adolescence, I still remember how my mother gave me and my siblings our daily cup of milk, of course this is apart from the many types of dairy and cheese.

And history testifies that the human being was the first to consume cattle milk and got artistic in the production of dairy through ten and thousands of years.

When the woman entered the working field, especially after the middle of the last century, she started feeding her children the cow’s milk.

Since there are few differences in the concentration and density of mother’s milk compared to a cow’s milk, some babies’ digestion process of the cow’s milk was slightly affected. This drove some international companies into producing a special milk powder that is adjusted for children so that they could benefit more financially.

But from several decades ago till this day, we read and hear about studies and tests that show that the consumption of milk and dairy is harmful for human beings.

What happened?

Did the structure of humans change?

Did the formula of milk and dairy change?

Did the structure of livestock change?

It is true that new ways of raising livestock doubled its milk production, but what is also true is that the formula of this milk has not changed, on the contrary, large farms that produce fresh milk, mix and sterilize it then give us a milk that is pasteurized following one formula, which made all the brands that are sold worldwide seem like they were produced by the same cow.

But as it is known, there are few people who are allergic to lactose, and there are also many who are sensitive to strawberries, bananas or peanuts, so companies started investing more in the production of dried, lactose-free milk.

Finally, the consumption of synthetic milk such as soy milk for example, increased,

Then we started reading hundreds, even thousands of studies, on the cons of the consumption of milk and dairy and how it shortens the life of a person, increases heart disease due to the presence of fat and butter in its composition, how it harms the kidneys and produces kidney-stones, how it may even cause cancer…etc… All of these studies are based on statistical results that no one can fully prove.

Many studies and researches…

But they all lack a clear vision…

Who is financing these studies that cost more than tens of billions of dollars?

Who is benefiting?

How? And Why?

Who is responsible for publishing these studies in the globalized media?

Who should be ask?...

And who cares?...

And who might listen?

We may possibly hide the moon

But can we ever be able to hide the globalized Media????

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