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GhassanEdited01For many years, we’ve been repeating to each other “Happy New Year” as if this wish has become a routine, echoing automatically or even in a dull way, despite it possibly coming from the depths of our hearts. The recent years have darkened our future, robbed us our sleep, and led us to a state of despair to the point of disbelief in life.
We’ve endured everything, from economic struggles to the madness of prices, the threat of diseases – especially COVID – and finally, witnessing the loss of thousands of innocent children’s lives without a blink from the rulers of this world that is crawling its way towards the unknown or...extinction.
Yet, the cycle of life must and should not stop. We must think about the future of our children and their children. We work not only to raise our chicken but to feed the world as a whole. Poultry industry experts say global poultry consumption is increasing due to various reasons, including the rise in red meat prices - despite a decrease in feed prices from the previous year- inflation, and the continuous increase in population.
Accordingly, poultry production is expected to increase globally by about 2% this year, while experts estimate a 3 to 5% increase in poultry meat production in the Middle East. Table egg production may rise by over 5% compared to previous years.
Despite these projections, we still wonder... where to? What’s next? Who will secure our tomorrow that has become on the verge of uncertainty? Who can allow us to sleep with our eyes closed without fear of a treacherous future controlled by these unknown and unknowable gods?
The fire’s embers rise unexpectedly, moving from one country to another, fueled by our dreams, actions, lives, and the future of our children – whether knowingly or unknowingly. What’s next? Should we give up? Shall we surrender? To whom? And how? We are already surrendered,
stripped of all types of weapons – be they military, financial, political, or existential. But they can’t strip us of the most potent weapon created by God on this earth: faith and hope.
Our faith in the Almighty God will never waver, no matter the circumstances, for God is patient and does not neglect, as history attests. As for hope, it is our only remaining path. The joy of living is incomplete without the expanse of hope.
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