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One century ago, poultry breeding was still confined to the small households and backyards in rural areas until it has been modernized after the World War II and its name has been changed since then from poultry breeding and production to become poultry industry.

The truth is that the term “poultry industry” today holds true to its name as the intensive poultry breeding nowadays has become bigger than just breeding and more complicated than just poultry production after the modernization of the automatic slaughters and the related technological industries.
But the strangest news I have read about poultry in the world states that Memphis, the American company famous for poultry meat consumption through its restaurants, shops and various channels, has already launched a research about producing chicken meat without the problems of raising chickens, which means producing chicken meat without chicken…
Few years back, a steak has been produced in laboratories just like any other beef steak and that was the last news I read about such a product that came from a German study center that produced a meat ball costing dozens of thousands of dollars.

However, it appeared that today those advanced studies were not over yet.
In a news that has been recently widespread on social media platforms and other media, the American company Memphis has allocated millions of dollars in order to resume researches about producing poultry meat out of bacteria and through chicken breast and thighs meat at a cost of 30 thousand U.S. dollars for 1 kg!

The news ended here but has the awe ceased or increased?
Where are we heading to… or been directed- no difference?
For decades now, everybody has been lamenting the loss of backyard chicken and eggs but we cannot get them easily because they are rare as hen’s teeth.
In an era where humans are trying to get back to nature, BIO products are invading the markets despite their high costs. In an era where we tend to avoid all industrial products and turn more towards natural ways, some influential people are attempting more and more to destroy and mutate nature until it is completely exterminated…

Who knows? They might try also to produce a human being living off garbage and factories’ poisons, breathing carbon dioxide if not sarin, chlorine and similar substances…

Will we reach a day where the name of poultry industry will be transformed again into meat industry?
Why not? We are already living in an era tending to produce everything, they have already started manufacturing electronic human parts and the studies are in progress to manufacture them biologically, thus we would have “spare parts” for our bodies to be used when needed.
It seems that the predictions for apocalypse by the end of the twentieth century became real and this century is nothing but a period of human mutation and transformation from the human being that we know into another human that we totally don’t… but it is certain that he will not be similar to the one we know today unless God the almighty decides to take his wrath upon us and drag us to a new World War that would bring us back to the Stone Age!

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