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Referring to my previous words on this particular topic where I wrote about trying to create mini dinosaurs out of chicken eggs, which was named before it was born as “Chickenosaurus” and of course, I reacted to this very negatively .

Today, after having the news about this topic fermented in my thoughts, I started wondering; new genes studies related to chicken?
Why not?
Aren’t we today in the area of the engineering and splitability of genes?

Does our acceptance or rejection affect any ongoing research around the world?
If we try to view some of these genetic research positively, we may open doors to drastically change the future of the poultry industry…
What we are complaining about today is the lack of feed and the competition of human food from cereals since it is used to feed both humans, and animals, and the diffusion of the Methane gas that is leading to the widening of the ozone hole.
And here I am wondering why it is not possible to study some of the genes of animals, insects and even fish that can change many qualities of chicken?
Several decades ago we conducted a field study on the possibility of increasing 5% of the dried chicken feces to the full chicken feed. I recall that the results were positive overall with the exception of some drug
deposits and the risk of some parasites and fungi.
Here I recall the common scientific saying:”In this world nothing disappears and nothing is created. “ Everything is created to die, but it does not disappear, it just turns or mutates . This is how nature works.
When humans can know billions of gene molecules, they can create new species of animals… or even humans!!!
But what I’m interested in saying now is : Why won’t scientists start genetic research that enables us to create a kind of chickens that produces stool that can be turned into feed without polluting the environment with methane gas?
For example, we can use the genes of some insects like Aphids which produce a king of sugars in the feces.
Wishes…crosswords… and the truth remains…
Truth…? Who know its truth?
We live today in the century of transition from generation to generation… from one age to another….and perhaps from one human being to another unknown human being…


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