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 Powdered Eggs  by:Dr Tamim Al Shahneh - Syria

Briefly, powdered eggs, an ancient term referring to eggs in a completely dried form, similar to powdered milk, offer several advantages and diverse uses. They have an extended shelf life, lasting 5-10 years when stored without oxygen in a cool environment. Powdered eggs do not require refrigeration due to the pasteurization process during production. They are pathogen-free, making them safe for raw consumption in certain products like mayonnaise.

 With ease of transportation and handling, cost-effectiveness, and versatility in producing products containing egg whites or yolks, powdered eggs find application in pasta, confectionery, mayonnaise, and sauces. Eggshells can also be utilized for cosmetics and dietary supplements, as the membranes beneath them contain collagen and amino acids with various applications in the food and cosmetic industries.

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