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Lallemand Animal Nutrition is pleased to announce that its innovative yeast solution YANG can be used in organic production in the EU under Regulation (EU) No 2018/848. With this new addition, the full Lallemand yeast portfolio can be used in feed for organic production. Nutritionists and feed millers serving the organic farming sector now have access to one of the most innovative yeast derivative products documented to help reinforce natural defenses and support gut health in all animals, including pets.


“In several countries in the EU, the organic food industry has experienced a real boom in the last decades. With a wide offer of different yeast-based solutions suitable for organic production, Lallemand can help contribute to the sustainability of animal production and help to maintain animals’ welfare” comments Monika Leukert, Yeast Derivatives & Antioxidants Product Manager.


YANG is a research-proven innovative feed ingredient combining inactivated yeast fractions from different and selected strains, each produced using dedicated processes. YANG is formulated to have strong bacteria-binding capacities and broad immune modulation properties while securing performance. It helps strengthen animals’ natural defenses with a synergistic effect on the immune response (patent pending). It is the first yeast derivative product of its kind on the market. YANG can be used in all animal species: ruminants, swine, poultry, equine, pets, fish, crustaceans, and more.



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