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High-performing, adaptable and robust layers, personalized technical support, a long-lasting partnership built on trust and proximity: All In One,is more than just an offer, it is focused on innovation and expertise in the service of the egg industry.

All In One: a comprehensive solution for an optimal performance As its name suggests, All in One encompasses all Novogen’s clients’ needs and establishes a long-term partnership built on proximity. The All in One offer is based on three key pillars:
1. High-performing and client-adapted breeds Within this offer, we highlight our expertise in genetics by offering breeds specifically designed to meet market demands. Our innovative selection program, backed up by field feedback, ensures a precise response to farmers’ needs. Novogen layers stand out for their robustness and adaptability to all climates, guaranteeing an excellent quantity and quality egg production. Our commitment to animal welfare is reflected in the development of innovative practices and technologies that adhere to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. The calm and social behavior of our layers contributes to creating a comfortable working environment while ensuring optimal economic profitability for our clients.
2. Customized and local technical support Aside from selection, Novogen provides specific technical support for each partner. Our team of international experts travels worldwide to offer comprehensive assistance, covering all aspects of farming, from nutrition to health. In addition, our regional experts, possess in-depth knowledge of their respective cultures that enables them to provide relevant and technical support adapted to local conditions. Through Novocenter, our platform dedicated to layer genetics, our clients have instant access to a wide range of technical resources and information. This ensures fast and effective assistance. They can also get their questions answered during our webinars or seminars where they can exchange ideas and learn in the presence of experts.
3. A strong and long-lasting relationship built on trust At Novogen, we foster strong and lasting relationships with our clients and partners that is built on trust, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and focused on their development and success. By understanding the real-life conditions of the field and the challenges faced by our clients, we accompany them over the long-term to fully discover the potential of the industry. This allows us to intervene as fast as we can in case of difficulty which ensures a high client satisfaction.

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