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BPC 100pxBeirut Poultry Summit is a new record that aims to stand out from other events in the region.
This Event is held by the Lebanese Poultry Syndicate, the WPSA – Lebanese branch and MEAP (Middle East Agrifood Publishers) with the collaboration of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences of the American University of Beirut (FAFS – AUB).

The BPS represents a significant convergence of industry leaders, researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders from across the world, all united by a common dedication to advancing the poultry sector.
As one of the most vital componentsof the agricultural industry, poultry plays a pivotal role in ensuring food security, economic growth, and sustainable development worldwide. It is against this backdrop that we come together to explore the latest innovations, trends, and challenges shaping the future of poultry production and management.

July 2024
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