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AUB logo 150Food safety and food security are major concerns worldwide. What would be the future of humanity without healthcare / Medical sciences? What will happen when new epidemics strike?  The same applies to Plant Health. Plants are frequently attacked by various pests (insects, mites, and diseases). Without appropriate and timely control measures, farmers may sustain over 50 % yield losses, whether in the field or advanced greenhouse production systems.

Quite often, due to pest resistance to pesticides and inadequate support from the extension services, farmers resort to using more pesticides than needed. This overuse poses considerable health hazards to people and the environment. Consumer food safety is at risk, leading us to question: Are we eating salads or pesticide salads? The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS) is developing biocontrol-based integrated pest management strategies to ensure safe and sustainable vegetable production. 

Recent studies predict that climate change could trigger significantly higher yield losses due to increased severity of pest attacks and the introduction of new invasive pest species, posing new challenges and real threats to food supply. 

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The plant Health science, like medical science, is a complex field of study. It is like learning a new language and requires applying critical thinking. Without a solid educational foundation, students may not fully benefit from internet resources, which can often be misleading. Therefore, in the interest of food safety and sustainable crop production, it is essential to motivate promising students to specialize in plant health management. This will ensure that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and contribute effectively to the field.

This grant will be awarded to an agriculture student who shows good understanding of the principles of food safety and sustainable agricultural development and demonstrates the ability to provide environmentally safe and innovative solutions/recommendations to deal with damaging and new or emerging plant pests. (Plant health & food safety).

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