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tn atallahIn his two-minute speech Dr Atallah Abouzeid, Tiba Poultry Company and Indian River breeders reproducers, commented on Mr Tony Freiji's presentation and cofirmed it is impossible to reach the numbers stated in Mr Freiji's presentation in case all breeding companies work concurrently.


On the 19th of January 2020 at 5 pm (17:00) VIV MEA and MEAP organized the VIV MEA 2020 Preview reception and dinner in the INTERCONTINENTAL CAIRO SEMIRAMIS. During the event, Former Deputy Minister of Agriculture Dr Mona Mehrez, Mr Tony Freiji and Dr Nabil Darwish had a short talk about the biosecurity regulations and their application. At the end of the meeting VIV annouced The VIV MEA Show in Abu Dhabi and MEAP (Middle East Agrifood Publishers) annouced the FIRST POULTRY MARKETING ROUNDTABLE that will take place in ABU DHABI on the 10th of March. Around 45 CEOs from Egypt have participated in the Cairo’s event.