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I always wonder or maybe we all wonder too, why do we have to pay for us and for the others?

What sin have we- the poultry farmers- committed in the Middle East drown in muds and fires, to be thrown with stones from everywhere?

If our monetary value decreases, we would buy raw materials at the highest of prices and sell our meat and egg products at the lowest of prices…
If a disease spreads, we would pay double the price for producing chickens only to sell it later on for low prices to our customers in order to pay our debts…
If the political situation deteriorates or if the governors change, the markets get negatively affected and consumption depresses, therefore we are forced to sell our products for the lowest of prices since bank bills won’t wait…

If any of the governors feels the need to open the doors of imports widely for the sake of poor people, we become the landfill for the products of the stocked chickens that come from Eastern and Western countries… adding that they are subsidized… Do we really know anything about the quality of these meats?

And finally, we are always the ones to pay the price…
A law from here, a regulation from there, and random decisions which only we pay their prices before they revoke them… like the one who stabs someone with a knife then apologizes saying: “oh, I am sorry, I will pull the knife back…”
This is our current situation…
To whom shall we complain? From whom shall we seek help?
Are we destined to live this unstable life? Maybe because we committed the sin of trading lives? Or is our luck that doomed?

I recall here a popular poem for an unlucky poet saying:
            Me the unlucky
            How do I get Money
            If I start selling hats
            people will be born headless
            My luck is a diamond light
            A world with no loyalty
            If I start selling boots
            Barefoot will be the trend

This inspired me to write the following popular poem too:
            He said always separate the eggs
            And don’t put it just in one basket
            I told him, for your information
            I only have one left
            The bands swallowed our money
            The dollars emptied our home
            And the wrong regulations
            Took away all the rest

In spite of all what is happening, we are still standing on our feet…
We still work under the thunders of wars… under the bombs of rules… under the fangs of dollars… under the claws of viruses…
In fact we deserve all the war medals, the silver, the gold and the platinum ones…
who knows? They might decorate our coffins one day… hopefully after a long time!



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