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We were and still complaining about the consumption of maize, soy, and wheat that are genetically engineered. Today, we are very close to the production and consumption of the genetically engineered meat and chicken, so what can we say?

We knew that scientists were able to plant some genes in the body of chickens that could deviate the bird flu virus away, so they would prevent the spreading of the disease in the farms, alleviate the epidemic, and generally prevent it.

Since then, scientists have been experimenting with genes in chickens to reach a special type that is resistant to some bacterial diseases and thus intensively root and produce.

What do we have to do? What do we have to say?
Are we happy and cheering for these discoveries and inventions?
Do we denounce and refuse the altering of the nature of these birds?
Who cares? Do we, the poultry farmers in this volatile region have any say in that?

For decades, and before the start of the third millennium, we said that the fast- track technology train took off and we only ought to catch up.
Today, the speed of this train is much faster, that we are approaching the impossible.
 Napoleon said in the past that nothing is impossible from the dictionary of the third millennium once and for all.

Some two decades ago, genetically engineered salmon were produced and consumed in most countries of the world even before being approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only 2 years ago.

Would the official administration delay the approving of the consumption of such genetically engineered chickens?
Is it with great regret that today can only ask questions, instead of answering them, which are many and numerous:

- What will happen to large companies producing drugs and medicines?
- What will tens of thousands of veterinarians and specialists in this sector work after cutting off their livelihood?
-Can the Arab consumer accept it?
-Then what? The production of hybrid chickens with electronic cells?
-Or maybe the production of chicken meat without even chickens?

We cannot figure out what might happen tomorrow or even predict it. Science and technology are already going so fast. How can we catch up with it while we are still going slow at a snail’s place? And what is worse is that we are even moving in the opposite direction.

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