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What happened this summer that top news headline are again on the risk of egg consumption, and maybe chicken meat consumption? Wasn’t it enough what was said and written about the avian flu, the Salmonella, the dioxide and others?

The curse of poultry farmers is following us whenever we are.
According to the news, two Dutch youths founded a company that produces a natural cure from the herbal extracts that eliminates all kinds of lice and fleas that infest birds. More than a year after the use of this amazing treatment, a few samples of imported eggs in Germany were found to contain traces of the insecticide known as “Fibronil”. The news revealed that more than 15 European countries have consumed or are consuming these contaminated eggs.”
Of course, in-depth investigations led to the arrest of “Marten Van de Braak” and “ Mathijs Ijzerman” who were marketing the pesticide “ Fibronil” under a brand name claiming to be a special compound of natural herbal extracts. It is scientifically known that “ Fibronil” Pesticide is very harmful to humans, especially to thyroid, kidneys, and nerves, in addition to the possibility of causing carcinogenic diseases.
The news may not be over yet.
This is in Europe and possibly in other Western and Eastern world countries, but what about the eggs consumed by our Arab people after the prices of meat have risen in astronomical numbers? Does anyone care about their quality, source, age, and contamination? I recognize the importance of eggs to our consumers, but who monitors the quality and validity of these eggs? And who supervises the controller?
Isn’t it time we take care of quality more than quantity? Shouldn’t we all get to the self-sufficiency of the eggs and chicken meat? Shouldn’t we be monitoring our domestic production more efficiently than we do or are trying to do? Who are the persons responsible and are they really responsible?
Is it a matter of laws and decrees or does it depend on the so-called professional conscience?
These questions may be profound, but some of us may consider them very absurd. A friend said to me: “Brother, we can barely get an egg to live, and you ask us to register its source of origin, and lineage. You are just complicating things to the producer, the importer, and the broker.”
My friend may be right, as even in Europe where laws, control, and the very sophisticated research have been seriously breached, what would happen to us?
I am not looking for perfection, perfection is for God Almighty, but
I ask for more professional conscience,
I ask for more awareness and vigilance,
I ask for more studies and research,
I ask for more self-monitoring,
I ask for more knowledge of the treatments that we use,
I ask for more knowledge about the quality of the feeds that our chicks consume,
I ask for more diligent work.
The most important thing that I want and what I dream of is that one day we shall create “Traceability.”
Do we realize how important that is?
It's true that this is a difficult and complicated job, but why don’t we try to start?
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step…

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