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In my numerous trips to the Arab countries and my visits to many of the modern and huge poultry farms, it caught my attention in the layer poultry farms that there is little focus on the unproductive layers in more than one giant farm and in more than one Arab country.

When I used to make my remarks on that, the answers differed between indifference, placing the responsibility on the technical director, or other such reasons.            

Imagine that in a farm that contains more than one million layers, there is no less than five percent unproductive. These layers eat and do not reproduce, let alone the space wasted to accommodate them, the time consumed to take care of them with all their germs, etc…            

With a simple calculation, it turns out that there are more than fifty thousand dollars a month wasted only to feed layers that don’t produce eggs, they even increase the contamination of the land, water, and the atmosphere, which in total can cost the breeder about one million dollars a year.            

These are scary numbers, not fantasies. We on the other hand, unknowingly complain about the cost of our production, place responsibility on the hot climate, diseases, and unfair competition, to the end of the excuses.            

Today, unfortunately, we see the human beings dive bit by bit into everyday routines, and this reduces enthusiasm to work day by day until they dissolve in the routine that is the first enemy of good management.            

I will not dwell on the details; we all know the importance of good management and the financial costs of bad management, but knowledge is something and practical application is another.            

Ages are wasted and university degrees are as far as the eye can see, under which work is considered but much awaited.            

Our rising generations are wasting their lives on amusement and electronic entertainment, as if the Gods of this earth want to produce a new generation of people that can be led, transformed into robots, and run with remote controls. Our sight and foresight have been blinded by the super new technology that we cannot see.            

Wastefulness, extravagance, and lostness, maybe this is the title of our current era. Money is wasted and rotten by the commands of the Gods.            

Saving money for our old age goes in vain, even human life is wasted in mass slaughter without any logical reason, even insane. This is our era, and this is the dazzling technology, and this is our rising generation that has become driven as a herd of sheep. To where? No one knows….

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