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One day I went to visit a farm, and while I was waiting in the reception hall, I noticed a panel hanging on the wall with words instead of a distinctive picture. I was intrigued to get closer to it and read what was written on it: “My dear grandson,

My grandfather’s will to me was to preserve and respect the environment at all cost but the pressure of labor competition and the obsession with reducing production costs have blinded me and has made me forget my grandfather’s will which was: “preserve nature ad leave this planet as clean as you found it.”

Today, I am very sorry my grandson, for I am offering you an ill, dying, and polluted planet. I cannot ask of you what my own grandfather asked of me, for I have committed heinous crimes against our planet.

I am ashamed of myself and ask of you to leave to your grandchildren an environment cleaner than the one you have received.

Yes, I ask of you to avoid my mistakes, to keep the environment in mind, and to add the cleaning costs to the costs of production.

Do not let greed destroy what our fathers and forefathers have built, and do not let your selfishness wipe away all the effort that they made on this earth…

Change starts with changing your own mindset dear grandchild, so make it your goal to protect the planet that will be the home to you and your children…

Be rational in managing your farm, the word “rationalization” is one of the keys to successful administrations: rationalizing farm management, rationalizing the use of antibiotics and using sterilizers, energy conservation…all of this protects the planet. Work hard to protect this environment, even if you lost some of your profit, life is all about give and take.

And I am not here exempting the governments from their duties; they have to impose taxes on every violator of the rules that could protect our planet.

I repeat my apology dear grandson, for I have burdened you with my pollution and so you are going to have the responsibility to clean after both, you and I but you will guarantee a clean planet to your children.

“The environment, the environment “.

This is not just a message or a will but a torture session to awaken our consciences from deep slumber so that we could think beyond our pockets and overcome our greed. It is true that we have to build farms and produce more to feed the world and this harms nature and our planet and production processes cannot be avoided but they can be minimized as much as possible. Factories should be obliged to eliminate their waste and chemical materials in an environmentally safe manner and intensify environmental awareness programs by training farmers, thereby contributing to conservation of farms, in order to ensure the right of future generations to live in a safe environment.

I am transferring these words to the readers of our magazine, among them are the breeders, the veterinarians, the feed producers and the owners of the slaughterhouses … We are all responsible for preserving this environment so let us wake up before it is too late.

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