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GhassanWhat to Expect after Corona?

A question that might be asked by many.

But the primary question is the following: when will this deadly virus be over? And how many lives will it take?

How can we think about our future and our present reeling in the strongest earthquake that affects humanity since the Second World War?

But nature and human nature is life and regeneration...

Scientists have begun to preach to us about a bleak economy, life and... health wise. There are, of course, many optimists who scatter roses on our path, assuring us that the Corona virus will end after a few months and that the vaccine has become almost ready… Not to mention the armies of intruders, astrologers and those armed with their university degrees as if they were reading us from the Bible...

The truth is said that the post-Corona will not be the same as the pre-Corona... As for how?

The correct answer is simply “God only knows”.

Doesn't the noble verse tell us: “God creates what you do not know...?”

But there are facts that cannot be ignored. There are numbers that cannot be mistaken. There are irrefutable results...

The world is destined for the unknown.

It is true that nothing has changed... Ostensibly the least ... The countries are still the same ... America is still leading - so that we do not say manages - the countries of the world.

 Europe, Great Britain, Russia, and finally China, which is getting bigger, will they remain so after the Corona era?

 And will the debt-burdened capitalist system survive this unique cosmic war?

Does the world know that its debts amounted to more than 260 trillion dollars, or 260 thousand billion, or 260 thousand of thousands of million dollars, and this number may reach 275 trillion dollars by the end of this year?

This means that every child born today holds in his left hand the debt bond of 35 thousand dollars, and in his right hand he carries the pen and the shovel.

Who is the creditor and who is the debtor?

- Can we hide the moon?

The capitalist countries with hard currency - as they call them - are the base of this wild capital ... today they are burdened with their huge spending, especially to cover the costs of the Corona pandemic today.

What will happen in the era after Corona?

Will our capitalist system die? Will these decorative prints named Money disappear? Are we going to see gold or silver sheets replacements instead?

I do not think so.

The world may go through a few months or years in the vicissitudes of many financial and political economic changes, but as a result, this system may reprogram itself and the poor get poorer, the rich get richer and the strong will get stronger.

The world has not changed for thousands of years. The gods then the kings used to give seeds to the peasants and then send their soldiers to harvest yields and today the poor people work to feed the rich in exchange only for the debt’s interest that the generations inherited ...

When will this rule change?

And what will happen to us, the poultry farmers?

The answer is with another question.

Aren't we also working people?

We work with debt holders just to pay the interest of their money...

Doesn't the colloquial saying say: Whoever marries with a debt his children should pay the interest?

Our governments are indebted, and their debt will increase... and we have to work harder ... and harder only... to secure the interest money of this debt...

God save us…!

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