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Ghassan RussiaIs there one educated person in this world who did not hear or read this verse from the Noble Qur’an that is translated into all the languages of the world “And we have made from water every living thing”?

Water ... water ... water ... We wrote for decades on the pages of this magazine that water is the cheapest thing, but it is the basis of the poultry industry.

 Today we can say that water has become the rarest - if not the most expensive - thing in the poultry industry.

We live in a region that relatively lacks rain, rivers, and lakes, and our most important reservoir of water is in the depths of arid lands ... and rivers that have started to recede year after year...

Do we not see the regional and international conflicts that could lead to field wars around us?

From the Euphrates to the Nile, through the Tigris River, wars raging verbally, practically, and perhaps on the ground.

Did things calm down between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan about the dams on the Nile?

Do we really know why Israel wants to take the Jordan Valley today?

And why did it bite off the Golan Heights?

And why are we still seeing them aspire to have control over the Litani River in Lebanon?

The answer is quite simply: water... primarily water...

Do we really realize how important water is for our poultry farmers?

Do we calculate how much water we use to produce poultry eggs and meat?

Here are some numbers:

To produce one kilogram of chicken meat, we consume more than 4,300 liters of pure water.

And each egg produced by our chicken consumes about 200 liters of water as well.

Of course, we are not talking here about what chicks consume in terms of drinking water only, but rather all the amount of water that is needed in the production related to the chicks. Stripes, cleaning, cooling, the consumption of labor and all requirements of the farm.

While I thank Dr. Turki Saraqabi for his valuable article on the importance of not only the quantity of drinking water, but also its quality, I would also like to draw the attention of our breeders to the importance of the temperature of the water that we present to our chickens during the summer days, when we must pay full attention to the water tanks that must be thermally insulated and away from the sun and it is advisable to have water coolers during the summer.

And as a result, whatever we say, whatever we write, and whatever we do, we remain restricted to water...

this rigid living, calm and rebellious, deep and transparent component ... and the most precious thing in a world that is still unaware of its real value ...

Water is life ...

Is there in this world what is more precious than life?

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