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GhassanEdited01After the catastrophic explosion that destroyed the capital Beirut, which was classified by the world media as the fourth strongest explosion in human history after the atomic bomb, I asked Dr. Manoush Qalil to inspect the condition of our chickens following this tragedy.

And since the poultry farms are far from the place of the explosion, Dr. Mannoush Qalil - who is a specialist in the language of animals - went to one of the automated slaughterhouses near the capital, where he was able to address the chickens that were gathered to be slaughtered the next day and he found them still panicking, rotating around themselves and trembling; it looked like a case of collective hysteria among them.

He initiated his conversation with the chickens by saying:

"What’s wrong with you poor chickens... what did you feel at the time of this terrible explosion?"

They replied: "In fact, we only know that we flew in the air and then hit the wall only to find ourselves on the ground upside down... The truth should be told; you human beings are not only criminals but you are more deadly than vampires...

God has given you the world's richest natural resources from the Gulf to the ocean starting from minerals to energy then agriculture, so why did you not take care of them?

What did you do to your family and brothers? Are you humans or are you cannibals?

Was chopping people’s heads, barrel bombs, and the destruction of entire cities along with their people, not enough for you?

For God’s sake, tell us what did you gain from all of this?

You turned our spring into a burning hell... You killed so many people and forced immigration upon the majority of the ones who are still alive, all that while you were raising your victorious signs in front of those who are exhausted and humiliated by your actions.

Is this how the countries are built, is this how the rulers are chosen?

I pity you for you are steeped in sectarian, confessional, tribal, and feudal swamps. Your enemies took full control of you and brought you five hundred years back while they watch and secretly giggle.

You say that we are animals... without a mind nor awareness, while you have become wolves without a conscience that graze people of this world only to feed on them later on... But you don’t feed on their flesh and bones like normal wolves would do, you feed on their pain, agony, and their slow death.

You are narcissists to the point where the gates of Hell are afraid to welcome you.

I’m afraid that the Almighty God may create a custom made hell, designed especially for you in which you will find the most advanced and deadliest types of torture... but perhaps this is what I hope for from the bottom of my heart...”

This was the summary of the animal language specialist Dr. Manoush Qalil that I pass on to the readers without any addition or subtraction...

At the very least, we found the rebellious conscience in the mind of these innocent chickens after we searched for it in vain, as it is supposed to exist in the minds of our families and brothers…

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