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PMRT2023The Poultry Industry and the Artificial Intelligence
VIV MEA - Abu Dhabi.
ADNEC Convention center
Artificial intelligence, smart cities, smart marketing, smart farming, and “smart” problems as well …
An opportunity or a threat? Are we ready to face them?

MEAP, VIV, WATT Global Media are gathering the “Crème de la crème” of the Poultry Industry to discuss the pros and cons of the digital era (AI, IT, IoT) to anticipate and mitigate uncertainties.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


The PMRT Program
14:00 Registration
14:30 Welcome messages,
moderators introductions
14:50 The Keynote speakers will raise pertinent questions and offer solutions. They have 10 minutes each to present an outline of their area for discussion, before offering an overarching conclusion.
Presentations will cover various aspects of marketing, finance, management, sales...
15:30 Testimonials and discussions about the actual digital situation and the preparations of the near future.
Mr Luco Reitsema from Moba company and Mr Gilles De Feyter from Innovad company will be sharing their experiences with artificial intelligence.
16:00 Formation of discussion groups: The audience will be divided into discussion groups.
Coffee will be served on the tables.
16:15 The DEBATE: Facilitated by the Chairs and Keynote Speakers, each group will enter a discussion and come up with its own conclusions to address the topics discussed.
17:15 Conclusion: A representative from each discussion group will present the group’s findings to the entire audience.

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