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Maximizing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact

In a drive towards sustainable solutions, PANCOSMA, ADM’s global feed additives business, have developed a range of XTRACT® bioactive products to address methane emissions of livestock ruminants. According to FAO 2013*, these emissions represent 5% of all greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

The XTRACT® range is based on the numerous beneficial properties from plant extracts. XTRACT® Dairy, composed of elements derived from cinnamon and cloves, and XTRACT® Ruminant, made of up similar compounds in addition to capsicum oleoresin from chili peppers, can limit the release of a critical greenhouse gas, methane.

Based on data from academic studies and on-farm tests, these products have been shown to target a key metabolic pathway in ruminants and can result in lower methane levels.

Methane production consumes carbon and hydrogen atoms, and consequently the addition of XTRACT®, can reduce the amount of methane released, which is expected to result in more energy being made available for animal performance.

In dairy, it is generally accepted that methane reduction results in higher milk production, as well as improved fat and milk protein content, while also promoting weight gain in beef cattle.

In a project started in early 2019, PANCOSMA commissioned the Carbon Trust to provide an independent validation, using the ISO 14064 standard, of the ability of XTRACT® to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in ruminant livestock.

The Carbon Trust’s expert opinion, delivered on November 22, 2019, stated that: “Based laboratory testing against a valid baseline XTRACT® can reduce methane emissions. On the presumption that XTRACT® results in enhanced on-farm animal performance, based on results from laboratory and on-farm testing, XTRACT® can lead to a reduction in methane emissions in cattle.”

The Carbon Trust’s mission is to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy. It is a global expert advising governments and leading companies around the world, reinvesting profits into its low-carbon mission. PANCOSMA now plans to take additional steps as part of its accelerated commitment towards sustainability.

“Improving animal performance is no longer the only driving force behind the development of feed additives. We need to produce more with fewer resources and ensure the long-term sustainability of the environment,” said Pierre-Joseph Paoli, president of Feed Additives & Ingredients at ADM.

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