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As part of Royal Pas Reform’s strategic partnership with HIPRA, the companies recently hosted a joint workshop at HIPRA’s head office in Amer, Spain.

AMEA - Hubbard is very pleased to announce the appointment of Eng. Hammad Mohamed Hammad as Area Manager Middle East.

Hammad will be in charge of continuing and strengthening Hubbard’s business development in the Gulf Countries, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

Edinburgh. – The Arbor Acres® Middle East and Africa (MEA) team welcomed distributors to Dubai for its Arbor Acres Middle East and Africa Association (AAMEA) meeting from 20-24 November. This was the first face-to-face meeting this group had since 2018 when they last met in Dubai for the Arbor Acres 85th celebration.

As every year, the agro-zootechnical industry experts meets in Cremona at the International Livestock Exhibitions where events and opportunities never fail to impress. After the great success achieved with edition of 2022, this year breeders from all over the world will have the chance to meet from Thursday 30 November to Saturday 02 December 2023 thanks to this moment full of activity and dynamism.

Distinction for services in the German and international markets - Managing Director of DLG International GmbH from 2009 to 2022
DLG’s (German Agricultural Society) Board of Directors has awarded Bernd Koch of Waldeck, Germany, a DLG Gold Medal for International Cooperation. As Freya von Czettritz, CEO of DLG Holding GmbH, emphasized in her award presentation speech, with this honor the DLG is recognizing his significant services for DLG both in Germany and abroad: "Bernd Koch is an international trade fair expert par excellence who is well known in the global exhibition industry.

PRAvícola Don Mario in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, have completed the third expansion of its single stage hatchery with 6x SmartSetPro™ setters plus 6x SmartHatchPro™ hatchers.
Bolivia is traditionally a red meat consumer, but the population is moving to chicken meat and derivates looking for healthy protein source, as the country has been improving year-by-year the Human Development Index, according to UN reports.

zootecnicheMEAP met Ms Silvia Caletti from the international relationships of Zootecniche - the new name of the cremona fiere - known as the dairy show of Italy and Europe.
Ms Silvia stated that the show is much better than last year, more international visitors, professionals from Europe and all over the world, coming to Cremona to see the best of genetics selection of dairy cattle and to see one of the best competitions as to dairy cattle.
The next edition of Zootecniche will take place from the 30th of November till the 2nd of december 2023. Stay tuned!
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UssecSoy Connext is a Trade Seminar organized by the Ussec on December 1st and 2nd at the Hôtel du Collectionneur-Paris - France.

MEAP is covering this seminar represented by Ms. Christiane Aoun, Head of Editorial and Vice President. 

The Zootecniche Cremona International Exhibition returns to CremonaFiere on 1 to 3 December 2022.With over 650 animals on show and a wide-ranging, highly qualified exhibition of products and services, the 77th Zootecniche Cremona International Exhibition, at CremonaFiere is an unmissable appointment.

michelleeurotier22MEAP met Ms Michelle from European Steel technology company during the  Eurotier show 2022.
They are specialized in poultry houses and solar system.

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VIVEurotier22MEAP met the organizers of VIV Asia at the Eurotier show 2022.
VIV Asia will be back in Asia next year for the 30 year anniversary.
The Exhibition is almost sold out with a wide range of exhibitors covering all parts of the supply chain.On the processing part they are happy to announce the collocation partnership with Mr Frunkfurt the organiser of IFA one of the largest meat processing exhibitions in the world.

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intraco eurotier22MEAP met Mr Jan Van Aalten Intraco's managing director at the Eurotier show 2022.
Eurotier as always is a very proffessional exhibition and the attendance is quite good. Intraco will be present next year at the VIV - Abu Dhabi and is looking forward to meet all friends from the Middle East.

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oxalia eurotier22MEAP met Dr Mohammad Moustafa from Oxalia company at Eurotier 2022.
Oxalia is a german company producing feed additives for animal species, for poultry, ruminant and other animals. The products are from germany and distributed all over the world.

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carmeloeurotier22MEAP met Mr Carmelo DiStefano Doxal's regional manager for Middle East and North Africa during the Eurotier show 2022.
As per Mr Carmelo Eurotier is a good exhibition with good attendance and lots of customers and friends.
Doxal is intending to implement new projects for the Middle East and other areas, they will be present in VIV Asia in March and looking forward to meet all customers and friends.

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mixscienceEurotier22MEAP met Mrs Claire Le Dain - senior product manager at Mixscience company at the Eurotier show 2022.
Mrs Le Dain is happy with this participation at the Eurotier show and meeting lots of customers from around the world.
This year the company had a very big launch of a new product and they are planning to have seminars starting the beginning of 2023 in different countries for the future customers to explain the mode of action and benefits. 

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talaateurotier22MEAP met Mr Ashraf Talaat from Evergrow an Egyptian company at the Eurotier show 2022.
Mr Ashraf gave some details about the company and its products and emphasized on a recently added sector for animal additives. At Evergrow they do believe they have a very competitive product.
Eurotier was a very good chance to meet a lot of customers from around the world.

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ZOOTECNICHE5150pxAt Cremona International Livestock Exhibition you can attend the Exhibition of Brown Swiss, Jersey, Holstein and Red Holstein and  the suggestive International Auction (@cr European Sale)!

tarekEurotier2022MEAP met Mr Tarek Traboulsi CEO of Poultec equipment a belgium company active all over the world lately.

Mr Traboulsi is hoping to meet all the customers during the next editions of VIV in 2023.

feedexpoeurotier2022MEAP met Mr Massoudi one of the Feedexpo organizers in Iran. Mr Massoudi invited anyone interested in the animal field business to attend the next edition of this exhibition which will be taking place from 15 to 18 January 2023.

balchemeurotier22MEAP met Mr Scott Sorell- director of the global marketing of Balchem which is a united states company producing human and animal nutritional products, their mission is to make the world a healthier place. 
As many other exhibitors and visitors Mr Sorell express his happiness to be at Eurotier again and meet old contacts and friends.
He also shed the light on a new project they started with Covid "the Educational webinar series" available for free and accessible to everyone at

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eurotier Ines22Ms. Ines Rathke - Eurotier Hannover project manager expressing a very positive reaction towards this year's edition of Eurotier that is taking place after 4 years of pandemic with 1800 Exhibitors and a remarkable number of visitors.
Next edition will be in 2024 and with its Poultry Forum it will focus on the poultry industry.

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CIDLINESEurotier2022MEAP met Mr Luc Ledoux - technical project manager of CID Lines at the Eurotier shiw 2022.
Mr Luc informed us that CID Lines has been aquired by Ecolab company, which enhances their presence on the dairy field, and more strenghth especially in the middle east market with bigger presence and committment.

LubingEurotier2022MEAP met Mr Stefano - General manager of Lubing System Italy at the Eurotier show 2022.
Mr Stefano had a positive reaction with the number of visitors at their booth and the ineterst in their system and especially the pad climate cooling with high efficiency of performance, and the top climate for cooling down the temperature inside the houses.

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